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"Music’s always been my school and my teacher, it’s everything to me.
Simple as th
All the reggae I’ve been listening to through a
ll these years really raised me and helped me build myself musically, as I always wanted to listen carefully and
absorb that type of vibe. And, by doing so, I managed to keep Jamaican
culture in tune with my African roots as well”

Lion D (David Andrew Ferri) was born in London to an Italian mother and a Nigerian father and raised in Italy, where he moved at a very early age.  After becoming fond of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh’s reggae music during his teenage years, he started writing his own songs in his early 20s. He took his first steps on the Italian reggae scene in 2007 and started touring all over the Country in the following years, charming different audiences with his fiery type of show and his unique voice and style of singing. According to the Jamaican music tradition, Lion’s songs have always been faced reality with a positive and upful attitude, ranging from spirituality to social issues. 


Able to perform inna showcase style with Bizzarri Sound, Lion D perfoms also backed by

his own band, called The Livity Band.

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