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- european tour May 2024 + summer
with the Dreadites Band -

At the beginning of his musical journey, Micah Shemaiah promised to deliver great sounds and strong spiritual vibes. This he has fulfilled and continues to shower the earth with powerful reggae vibrations which are well loved across the globe. Born and raised in Kingston City, the original home of Reggae he grew up with the firm, to spread spiritual teachings of Rastafari while being a member of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Micah Shemaiah's spiritually powerful performances, connects people worldwide and secures a ride for all.

In Shemaiah's own words....
”The music comes out of my own journey and the way I foresee the world in the future. Reggae music since its inception has been the cornerstone of spirituality in this world, and though marginalized and criticized by the everchanging illusion machine - ran by the powers that wish to enslave the earth, I see where inevitably more and more people will trod towards a conscious awareness of who they are and what they stand for. We will eventually see and experience the interconnections of life and move forward to accomplish one goal, one aim and one destiny through a righteous Livity”..... Micah Shemaiah.

Embark on an extraordinary musical journey with the sensational Micah Shemaiah! Renowned for consistently delivering exceptional music, Micah's stellar career continues to soar. In 2023, his album 'Jamaica Jamaica' was a strong contender for a prestigious Reggae Grammy, showcasing his remarkable talent. Notably, Micah made history as the sole Jamaican artist invited on board the Peace Boat, voyaging from Iceland to Jamaica, advocating for cultural harmony and its impact on global peace. A trailblazer in his own right, Micah graced the boat's audience with performances from his extensive repertoire. Don't miss the chance to experience Micah Shemaiah's mesmerizing artistry – book now and be part of his remarkable musical odyssey!

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