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Solo Banton burst onto the scene 2009 with the blistering hit called "TALK TO ME" with
MAFFI and JAHTARI. A veteran in the music business but a newcomer in terms of being a
recording artist. Was this going to be a one hit wonder people asked?

Solo answered with a series of music anthems which pleased crowds from every corner of
Europe if not the world. "WANT TO GO HOME" was his first release from his base camp
REALITY SHOCK, which was released alongside a Macka B version on the same 10" this
showed Solo was able to stand side by side with established artists and not look out of place.

Then came the smash "WALK LIKE RASTA" which raised him to new heights.
The debut album of the same name was then released packed with track after track of the
highest lyrical skills to match the great production. Had Solo reached his peak?

The long awaited follow up single to "TALK TO ME" was "NO" a blistering dancehall anthem
which was destine to sell out faster than its predecessor. Coupled with the digital steppas
style track "DANCEHALL NICE AGAIN" from the same MAFFI/JAHTARI combination Solo
Banton's foundation was set
. Recording for many independent labels has shown that it's no
accident. With various recordings and performances with the well established DUBKASM the
trip toured the world with massive effect on the roots/dub scene, one of biggest for the trio
is “MY MUSIC” a thunderous reggae anthem with special guest vocalist BUGSY.

Since then SOLO has recorded many floor fillers with the likes of MUNGO’s on SCOTCH BONNET
RECORDS. "HIGHER LEVELS" was the 2nd album which has truly reached a higher level,
included tracks like ‘ME NO KNOW’ and ‘MAKE YOU GROOVE’ also a combination with the


The album was nominated for best UK reggae album in the French reggae awards. Live
performances have gone from strength to strength, with Solo's very light hearted style, his
message comes across very well and is easy to understand. Showing the full range of his
talents Solo now host the LION’S DEN stage at BOOMTOWN FAIR which can boast the
biggest reggae line up in any UK festival. Within minutes he has the crowd exactly where he
wants them
then slams down track after track! The Future?

Now, with the re-launch of his own sound system "CLASSIC WONDER VETERANS" Solo
seems determine to stay on a path true to his believes and ideology. After the release of his
3rd album „OLD RAGGAMUFFIN“ (2018) Solo is now well established as one of the best
host/compere in the business
constantly hosting the main stages at the biggest festivals in
UK. Working on new projects with Mungoʼs & Irie Ites The Future is looking even bigger.

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